For our 2017 season, programs & talks will take place in Austin, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Rochester and yet to be determined cities in Mexico.

Check out below what we are currently watching and reading from friends, supporters and other sources of inspiration.

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Jorge Lorenzo in Cincinnati

The Mini Microcinema is hosting Jorge Lorenzo on Jan 19, 2017. Jorge comes to Cincinnati by way of Toronto where he recently undertook an Artist Residency at LIFT, one of Canada’s premier  moving image arts organization. In his program for Jorge bridges two cities that he intimately knows and have played an integral part of his development as a filmmaker.

MTY-BOG Relays: Exchanges between Colombia and Mexico
Thursday, January 19, 2017
7:00pm 10:00pm
The Mini Microcinema
1329 Main Street Cincinnati, OH, 45202

On Natalia Almada’s Todo lo demás

…by not allowing viewers to flee or escape these interstitial moments, Almada asks us to be present, and to experience with Doña Flor a life that we might otherwise deny intensity or importance because of its commonality. The slowness of Todo lo demás requires that we approach the present as a moment imbued with intensities and affective resonances, that harkens up feelings from the past, or worries about the future, as long as we are able to sit with it long enough to notice.

Fornoff, Carolyn. “‘The Case for Slow Cinema: Natalia Almada’s Todo lo Demás.’” Mediático, November 7, 2016. http://reframe.sussex.ac.uk/mediatico/2016/11/07/the-case-for-slow-cinema-natalia-almadas-todo-lo-demas/.